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AKR3, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “A must for deployments! I purchased this book for my 4-year-old daughter who is having a hard time dealing with my husband being away. I also purchased two other books at the same time, but this one has become a favorite in our house and is read every day. In the book, Lily deals with several emotions (stubborn, angry, sad) caused by her daddy’s deployment, but realizes those emotions are okay to feel and that mommy even feels them, too! I would definitely recommend this book, it’s been a HUGE help.”

NavyWife, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “We’re currently going through the first deployment in which our daughter has been old enough to understand what’s going on. This book has really helped her. She relates to it so well and she loves being reassured that the way she’s feeling is okay. I highly recommend this to anyone with young kids dealing with deployment.”

Inspired Kathy’s Review on Goodreads
4 stars! “My 6 year old daughter loves this book. We don’t even have anyone in the military but for some reason she’s asked for it to be read multiple times. The first time we read this book it made me teary eyed. We’ve had several friend deployed and it’s hard to imagine what it is really like for kids to be without their dad around. This would be a great book to give young children whose parents get deployed while serving our country. There are several ideas for things that children can do while missing their parent.”

Portland Book Review
5 stars! “The book is filled with ideas that can help any child with an absent loved one. Nathan Stoltenberg’s beautiful illustrations warm the heart. An especially important message that Marler subtly highlights is how important the at-home parent/family are when helping a child cope with their feelings. Marler has created a special book that is guaranteed to help the families of the men and women who bravely and selflessly serve our country.”

Dr. Michele Borba, Child Expert, Author, Speaker, Educational Consultant
“Love your book Lily Hates Goodbyes to help kids with deployments. Will use! I am headed for Germany/Korea to work on bases with military families.”

Melissa D., Parent; husband deployed in Afghanistan, email comment
“The difference you are making in our lives and others in the same situation is just not measurable. I truly believe that your book is going to help us survive this deployment.”

Paws72, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “This book is fabulous! It has really and truly helped my 2.5 year old deal and cope with her daddy’s deployment. Without having read the book yet, we had already started doing a lot of the things that Lily does in the book, but the book really helped drive the ideas home to my daughter. It has given her new words to describe her emotions and it has helped to teach her that it is ok to be mad or sad or even happy while daddy is gone. I would recommend this for every military child under the age of 6.”

Amy, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “This book is great to read to a child who is dealing with a parent’s deployment. By going through Lily’s story, it allows children of military parents to better understand and express the emotions they are feeling when a parent is gone. It is a great tool for parents to use before and during a deployment to help their child cope with the separation. It also has some really great ideas of how to stay connected to the parent even during deployment.”

K. Cyrus Dehimi, Review
5 stars! “This book works for anybody that is not just i Lily’s situation but for anyone that has a parent that travels. This book also has applications for families who don’t live in the same city e.g. grandparents live in another city or state and the frequency of interaction is not daily. I like every bit of this book and often read it to my daughters before my business trips. Highly recommend it. GO GET IT!

L. Keys, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “So often kids military books about deployment talk about how much the service member will miss their kids, but this book addresses the emotional upheaval of the child during deployment.
It illustrates some positive ways of dealing with the pain of missing a deployed parent. I particularly like that it is written from a little girl’s perspective! So many kids deployment books that I’ve read are about little boys, but Lily shows how emotions can run high during deployment.”

DD, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “Great book! Cute pictures and an important message for the upcoming deployment time. I wish could have gotten a hardback.”

IndieReader’s Alike but Indie Column
Lily Hates Goodbyes by Jerilyn Marler is a book for kids dealing with a tough situation: saying goodbye. In this case it is a little girl named Lily who has to bid her dad farewell as he is deployed in the military. It’s rare to find such a specific topic in a kid’s book, and refreshing to see that Lily is based on a real girl with this very issue. Written for the author’s young granddaughter, Lily Hates Goodbyes lets children know that it’s OK to be sad and in the end, everything will work out as it is meant to be.”

Book Distributor Focused on Military
“I have to tell you that I get a great many self-published books come through my office; it is refreshing to read one that is as well written and professionally illustrated as yours! And of course it hits upon a serious issue for the kids of soldiers and you handle it beautifully; it will be a comfort to many children!”

Ann Schuler, M.Ed., NBCT, Amazon Reviewer
School Counselor, Marrington Elementary School, Goose Creek, SC
“Jerilyn Marler’s book Lily Hates Goodbyes is a perfect tool for helping children cope with separation from a loved one. I am a school counselor who works with children from military families. I became aware of Mrs. Marler when she came to share her book in a workshop for educators of military dependants. I bought Lily Hates Goodbyes to be nice and supportive. However, when I actually read the book, cover to cover, I discovered what a treasure and a gift this book is for anyone who works with or simply loves a child who is dealing with loss, separation or sadness. Lily Hates Goodbyes gives the reader strategies to help children cope with difficult times. Children will love Lily Hates Goodbyes. This gem of a book can be the beginning of a dialogue between reader and child that offers hope and help to all who read it.”

Mundie Kids Children’s Book Review Blog
5 stars! “This is a great story for children who have a parent or parents currently serving our country and are away from home. … Lily’s story is one I highly recommend picking up.”

B.G. Quesenbery Jr., Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Charleston, SC
“For a number of years I have worked with military families and tried to help them in time of need. One such time is deployment — anxiety and worry levels increase and adjustment becomes difficult, especially for the children. I have found one book specifically written for such occasions which helps to allay the anxiety and provides cognitive techniques for the child to use as he or she worries about the deployed parent. “Lily Hates Goodbyes”, by Jerilyn Marler, is such a book; it is well written and illustrated, and can be read by the child (2nd grade or higher) or by a parent to the child. I highly recommend it.”

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Book Reviews “Katieb”, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “A personal story for the authors grand-daughter, this is a touching story about a little girl who hates to say goodbye to her father, who’s in the Navy and currently deployed away from home. Lily’s story is a touching one, as Jerilyn allows us to connect with Lily on an emotional level as she goes through the daily routines of not having her father there. From looking at the moon at night to writing him letters, Lily is anxiously counting down the days when she will see her father again. This is a great story for children who have a parent or parents currently serving our country and are away from home. Through Lily they will be able to identify with similar feelings of worry, fear, sadness, being upset, happiness and the joy when their parent/parents arrive home. The vivid illustrations do a great job at portraying all Lily is feeling and experiencing. Lily’s story is one I highly recommend picking up.”

Moments: Book Review
“Jerilyn Marler’s children’s book, Lily Hates Goodbyes, is a must have for children with a parent in the military and also for elementary school counselors.”

Katie’s {Little Ones} Learning Lounge
“The book is very well written and would be extremely meaningful to any family who is facing a military deployment or a “goodbye” in general. Parents will welcome the information provided on the inside of the back cover, which focuses on how to get the most from the book… lots of great ideas!”
“This book allows a young child to talk about their temporary loss and feelings through Lily in the book. Dealing with a deployment is difficult for any family, Lily Hates Goodbyes even guides the family through this time and how to effectively deal with it. … Lily Hates Goodbyes is the perfect gift for every military family.”

Biblio Reads Book Review & Giveaway
5 stars! “This is an outstanding story! Jerilyn Marler so perfectly captures a child’s feelings when a parent is deployed that children will immediately relate and feel validated.”

SFC Blog: Families Matter
5 stars! “While this book is specifically for the families of our brave military people, it will help any child deal with the sometimes scary feelings that go with any parent’s prolonged absence.”

Bless Their Hearts Mom
“We highly recommend this book for ANY family that is touched by the separation of a parent, and even for those who aren’t, to understand what their friends may be going through!”

The Family that Reads Together
“This book is really well written and beautifully illustrated with colorful drawings in a really accessible style. The goal of the book—to help young children deal with the long absences and unknowns of having a parent in the military—is clear, but unlike other books that are written with such a specific purpose, it doesn’t sacrifice anything to reach that goal. The writing is perfect, the verse easy to read and poignant. There are a few repeated refrains such as “a billion days” and “Lily hates goodbyes” that lend a sense of poetry to the prose.”

Get Kids to Read
“The wonderfully vivid illustrated book will be a joy for kids to read and enjoy. Parents and teachers can help kids cope with a parent in the military through the eyes of Lily. In the back of the book Marler lists suggestion on how parents can talk through what their child is feeling.”

Cracking the Cover
“I normally don’t review self-published books. Having a publisher guarantees to a certain degree a level of quality. Lily Hates Goodbyes, however, has gained that credibility through the United Through Reading Military Program, which selected the book for its reading list.”

Brookside Reviews
“An incredibly beneficial book for anyone who has a child with a parent in the military. The illustrations are very beautifully done. I highly recommend this book!”

The Book-Trotter
“Lily Hates Goodbyes is a remarkably simple, yet beautiful book in both message and illustration. Children are drawn to the book and enjoy reading about a little girl who, like them, sometimes feels sad and sometimes feels angry and sometimes blows kisses to the moon. The military’s Family Readiness Groups should stock up on copies of Lily Hates Goodbyes as it is a must-have for any child facing a parent’s deployment.”

A Classroom Full of Books
“Overall I think this book would be beneficial to military children or other children that have a situation similar to Lily’s. I think this book could be used in a classroom very effectively.”

David Broughton, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “I see hundreds of children’s books a year, since I not only do reviews, I work in the industry. Lily Hates Goodbyes is as good as they get, on par with the best. I’d love to see a hard bound, Smythe stitched version, that could better stand the test of time, and childhood use, so that it could be handed down for generations to come, it’s that good, that it should be a family heirloom for any military family.”

Blog Critics Books
Lily Hates Goodbyes is a timely book that tugs at your heart. The story explores the emotional ups and downs Lily experiences when her daddy leaves for the military for an extended amount of time.”

Indie Reader
Lily Hates Goodbyes is a sweet, nicely illustrated picture book. Written for the author’s four-year-old granddaughter, the story follows Lily as she learns how to cope with her emotions—from anger to sadness—in response to her father’s deployment in the military.”

Window to My World
“Separation is a big part of what military families must face, and the emotions that must be dealt with are very confusing to little ones. To have a picture book like this one on hand would be an invaluable tool to use to help that process become less frightening. I am happy to recommend this book to my readers. I applaud Jerilyn Marler for recognizing and meeting this need in such a creative way! Bravo!”

Technorati: Bob on Books
“Marler uses the last page of Lily Hates Goodbyes to offer suggestions on how parents can help their children benefit from the book, including the deployed parent reading it with the child before departure. No, Lily Hates Goodbyes will not make the pain of separation any less, bit it may make it easier for a child to cope with and discuss it. And that can lead to happy endings.”

Biblio Reads
5 stars! “I was very impressed with the natural and simple way Jerilyn Marler tells this story. She could have spoken down to children or over their heads, but instead she is right on the mark with this one. You will love it. Best of all, you will appreciate it so much.”

Books in the Burbs
“I highly recommend this book for any caregiver, parent, or family therapist working with a child as he/she adjusts to a change in their family environment. As a family therapist, I love that Jerilyn also has a page at the back of the book with a list of ideas/activities to help create a discussion with families about ways to help each other cope with a parent away for a period of time. … It is a must read for any child whose parent(s)/caregivers are serving in our military and away from home!”

Book Loving Mommy
5 stars! “My husband is a cop and there are times when he goes away for trainings. I read this book to my kids (ages 8, 5, 3) and they immediately connected to little Lily. …I think this is a very inspiring, wonderful book for children who have parents that are sent away for an extended period of time.”

My Books Addiction and More!
“Lily Hates Goodbyes by Jerilyn Marler is a delightful children’s’ book. It is easy to read. It is a great resource for parents and grandparents who have Military members with small children who are often deployed away from home. It is also an excellent book for any child with separation issues.”

The Serenity Gate
4 stars! “As I listened to my daughter read the story to her son, I thought of how helpful this would be to so many children like Lily who find it difficult to cope with a parent who leaves home for an extended time.”

Adayriddle “Abbie”
5 stars! “This book should be in the hand of every person in the military who has children! Absolutely wonderful! This author has addressed the concerns of children in an honest manner in regards to a parent that is away for an extended amount of time. Written for her own granddaughter who’s father is in the military this book deals with all the emotions of missing one’s parents. Thank you from the author for this review copy.”