Reviews for Helping Your Young Child Cope

Reviews and Comments

Rachel H., Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “I have been a part of the Marine community for over a decade and a Mom for the past seven years, and very rarely is there a book that is helpful in regards to deployments. I love how this book is short, concise, and creative. The author has wonderful ideas that I will incorporate into future deployments, as well as sound advice. I highly recommend this book for military families or those that must say good bye often for extended periods. From one Mother to another, I thank you.”

Sam, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “The advice and tips were immediately effective. Although my 2.5 year old daughter didn’t fully understand Daddy’s absence, we were able to reassure her heart, which ultimately reassured her mind.”

Sher Emerick-Safran, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “Everyone hates goodbyes but a child saying goodbye to a beloved parent might be the most heart-breaking of all. Children swirl in emotions that they don’t know how to express and the remaining parent (dealing with their own feelings of loss) find themselves struggling to help their child cope with the pain. FINALLY, a handbook has entered the scene that helps BOTH parent and child. Helping Your Young Child Cope with a Parent’s Deployment Author, Jerilyn Marler brings not only her delightful skill in writing to this wonderful eBook, but also her heart, her encouragement, and her personal experience as a mom and grandma in a military family. Every parent helping a child cope with deployment will TREASURE this handbook and will refer to it daily. It is chock-a-block full of practical insights, guidance and creative ways to help your child survive and THRIVE. And a wonderful bi-product: it will help you cope with your own sadness in the absence of your partner. It’s a WIN-WIN in an otherwise very difficult time.

“The companion book Lily Hates Goodbyes gives children and parents a beautiful and captivating way to explore together, the emotions of separation. Children—regardless of the branch of military their absent parent is in and regardless of whether they are a girl or a boy, will immediately identify with little Lily and will find relief in having Lily express what they have bottled up inside. And parents are given a wonderful opportunity to share in this relief as they read together little Lily’s story. Buy this book for your child and buy the eBook handbook for YOU. And buy both for every military family you know—they will love you for it! Many, many thanks to all of you in service—in active duty and at home!”

Dan, Amazon Reviewer
5 stars! “This is a terrific book, full of down-to-earth advice for all parents of small kids who face military deployment separation issues. With ever increasing military deployments, and deployments of longer lengths, children face pain and grief of a parent gone for extended periods. This book gives parents solid advice on looking for signs of distress in kids, and helps them deal with those feelings. The book shows the home parent how kids can maintain connection with the deployed parent with concrete examples of ways to keep children involved and looking forward to a happy reunion. Links to other online resources make this a must-read.

“I wish I had this book before my little 5-year old granddaughter’s daddy put to sea for a seven month deployment aboard a US Navy destroyer. Our family will be much better prepared for the next deployment. Get it. Read it. Pass the word. Your kids (and grandkids) will be much better off for it.”