For Lily

Dedicated to Lily

Jerilyn Marler & Lily Marler
I wrote this story for my (then) four-year-old granddaughter who was reeling from the pain of her Daddy’s time away in the Navy. She was deep in denial about the scary feelings, yet her behavior clearly showed that she was in turmoil. She would run from the room instead of talk about feelings.

So I wrote Lily Hates Goodbyes to give us a third person to talk about. Book Lily was mad. Book Lily was sad. Suddenly it wasn’t so scary for Real Lily to talk about those feelings. She asked me to read the book to her over and over. She even wanted me to sing it to her.

The result is exactly what I hoped for: Lily was more at ease with her emotions, knew what she could do when she felt them, knew that it’s safe to say whatever she feels, knew that her Mommy was steadfastly and lovingly by her side through it all, and that there was a joyful reunion coming with her Daddy.