Helping Families Thrive During Deployments

Deployment separation is often brutally hard on everyone in the family, especially children. I share wisdom and insight born out of personal experience for coping with the pain and grief of long goodbyes. I also offer simple, effective, and fun ways for adults to keep their love alive and for children to feel connected to the away parent across the miles.

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Book today! Your audiences will learn:

  • Emotions to expect when a deployment is coming.
  • Ways to prepare adult relationships before deployment begins.
  • Ways to prepare children for the coming separation.
  • Techniques for adults and children to handle their normal and turbulent emotions during the separation.
  • Ways for adults to maintain a healthy, loving relationship despite the separating miles.
  • Ways for children to maintain a meaningful connection with the away parent.
  • Practical considerations as everyone prepares for the reunion.
  • Ways to ease the family reintegration process.

Recent speaking engagements include two elementary school Parent/Teacher Organization meetings in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Speaking From Personal Experience

As a child I attended boarding school in India for six years with wrenching separations from my parents. I’ve experienced many military goodbyes: my father was a Navy medical officer; my first husband was enlisted Army during the Vietnam war; my husband was enlisted Navy during the Vietnam war; my son is an active duty Navy officer.

Speaker and Author

I wrote Lily Hates Goodbyes in 2010 for my four-year-old granddaughter who was reeling from her daddy’s deployment. It helped Lily so much that I published it for all kids who have to say goodbye for about a billion days.

I recently published Helping Your Young Child Cope with a Parent’s Deployment, a handbook for parents who want their children to thrive despite lengthy absences from mommy or daddy. The book discusses what children need during this time, and it includes 22 fun and easy ways to help children maintain an emotional connection with the away parent.

Speaking Style

My speaking style is humorous, relaxed, and approachable. Audiences sense my profound empathy and respond to my genuine passion for helping them thrive despite the challenges of deployment separations.

Speaker Fee

Event speaking fees vary depending on the length and complexity of the event. I offer creative pricing for small non-profit/government organizations. Please email for a quote.

Jerilyn Marler speaker brochure