About Jerilyn

I’m a freelance writer/editor with over 30 years of experience. In 2010 I developed a passionate interest in helping military families cope with deployment separations.

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Focus on Military Children

In 2010 my (then) four-year-old granddaughter Lily was terribly distraught by her daddy’s deployment aboard the USS MOMSEN. I wrote Lily Hates Goodbyes to help her talk about her feelings, develop healthy ways to cope with those feelings, feel connected to her daddy despite the distance between them, be reminded that her mommy was steadfastly beside her, and that a joyful hello was coming. The book helped Lily so much that I published it for all young children who suffer through long separations from a loved one. I released it on Amazon.com in early 2010.

In March 2012 I released an update to the original book (now called the Navy Version) and also released an All Military Version in which the daddy wears a generic BDU uniform.

In response to many requests by military parents, I wrote Helping Your Young Child Cope with a Parent’s Deployment, a handbook brimming with wisdom and advice to help parents help their children thrive during deployment separations.


Deployment Day, September 9, 2010
Deployment Day
September 2010

Jerilyn Marler & Lily Marler
Jerilyn and Lily
December 2010

Lily Waiting for Daddy's Ship to Dock
Lily waiting for
Daddy’s ship to dock, 2011

Lily and Daddy Reunion
Lily and Daddy
reunion, 2011


Over the last 30+ years I’ve worked in major high technology companies and tiny start-ups; I’ve been a real estate agent, programmer, project manager, program manager, and user interface designer. My name is on three patents held by Intel Corporation, where I worked for nearly 15 years. The persistent thread through all my work has been communication: it always comes back to words. I love words.

From sixth grade through my junior year of high school I attended Kodaikanal International School, a boarding school in the mountains of southern India. For many years thereafter I still considered India my home, much to the confusion of college classmates. A year in Madrid, Spain followed a few years later. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve circled the globe since that first trip to India. I relish travel every time I have the opportunity.


I’m happily retired, except for maintaining Quincy Companion Books. I currently live in Beaverton, just a few miles from Portland, Oregon, with Dan, my husband (former Navy). My son is out of the Navy. He and his wife and daughter Lily live only three miles away—a happy reunion for us all.